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The European International

Supporting the European International: An artist-to-artist aid package for the Kyiv Biennial

This online platform has been set up to gather funds for an artist-to-artist aid package in support of the Kyiv Biennial’s emergency relief initiative to assist those who have stayed in Ukraine or are in the process of relocation, providing them with immediate financial support for their basic needs. It is organized by the artists who participated in the "European International" an exhibition organized by Ukrainian curator Vasyl Cherepanyn in Amsterdam for the 2018 Forum on European Culture. Taking to heart the premise of the Forum's theme "Act for democracy!", these artists respond to the premise of the European International as a call for action, donating artworks to raise funds for this initiative led by Vasyl and his colleagues at the Kyiv Biennial.

To curate shares a root with the word "care." Rather than conceiving the closure of this exhibition as an "end", the European International serves as a platform for care-giving and international solidarity, one that takes the shape of a joint artistic endeavor. More than a fundraising campaign, this artist-led initiative is conceived as a proposal for the aftermath of an exhibition, seen not only as opportunity to showcase artists' work, but as the groundwork for future collective action in moments of critical need. All profit raised will go directly to the Kyiv Biennial. As stated by Vasyl and his team, these funds will be used to help people who have stayed in Ukraine, providing them with immediate financial support for their basic needs.

Emblem by Experimental Jetset